Catch Me, Kill Me


Author: Bill Brooks

Publisher: Speaking Volumes

ISBN: 1645400689

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Truth is, everybody’s going to hurt you: you just got to find the ones worth suffering for.—Bob Marley When Nina’s boyfriend Ray, uses her as collateral in a drug deal she realizes that you don’t know what love is until you’ve experienced what it isn’t. Bobby Lee, a gutsy boxer, is told by his corrupt manager to throw a big fight or pay a heavy price, with his life. Nina finds only one chance to get out of the situation her boyfriend Ray has put her into. And when the guy who holds her until Ray returns, rapes her then makes the fatal mistake of dozing off, well, she sees the gun and puts him to sleep forever. Bobby Lee’s pride won’t let him go out the way his manager wants him to. Instead he’ll take his chances and knocks his opponent out and goes on the run because he knows the price he’ll have to pay for the “betrayal.” It is a dark fate that brings together the boxer and the girl with a gun, a bag of cash and drugs as they race across the country just one jump ahead of men who would see them dead and buried. Jim Thompson fans will love this book

Catch Me: Kill Me


Author: William H. Hallahan

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1504059018

Category: Fiction

Page: 295

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Edgar Award Winner for Best Mystery Novel: “Takes off like a Chinook and whisks you through a labyrinth non-stop until the final sentence” (Clive Cussler). Russian poet Boris Kotlikoff defected to the United States two years ago. He left with no state secrets; he is no threat to the Soviets in anyway; yet now he has become their prize hostage, buried alive somewhere in New York City. The US government, on the defensive as always, treads on cat feet. But it does not take into consideration the doggedness of Ben Leary, an agent with Immigration and Naturalization. They also close their eyes to a parallel search by Gus Geller, a hatchet man for the CIA. And the government isn’t even aware of Charlie Brewer, a discredited ex-CIA agent Geller puts in charge of the actual search. Will the vicious infighting among these three in a struggle against time and missed opportunities set up Kotlikoff as a doomed pawn? “Compelling . . . A kind of catch-22.” —Time

Catch Me, Kill Me, If You Can

[with Black and White Interior]


Author: Lillian Carrero

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781095106211


Page: 140

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Find a killer. Pick it up. All day long you'll wish for luck. The year is 2002 and the six stars of the 1952 runaway hit, The Boys of Summer, have gathered for the Fiftieth Anniversary. * America's Sweetheart Sabrina Towers, star of 1958 A Man to Hug and Kiss * Television star Jonas Dorn, The Master of the Macabre * Spunky, Ellie Martini, star of the Ellie Chronicles * Glamor girl and Southern Belle, Delilah Reese * British stage sensation Phineas Dragon * In memoriam, Johnathan Jason Garret ~ Then secrets are revealed when people at the isolated retreat, Death Valley Fire Resort, start dying. Who will survive the weekend reunion?

Kiss Me, Kill Me

Ann Rule's Crime Files


Author: Ann Rule

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416500032

Category: True Crime

Page: 416

View: 4197

The dark side of love is no fairy tale.... And while we may like to believe that crimes of the heart only victimize those who aren't careful, this page-turning collection of must-read accounts will convince you otherwise. America's #1 true-crime writer, Ann Rule reveals how lovers become predators, how sex and lust can push ordinary people to desperate acts, and how investigators and forensics experts work to unravel the most entangled crimes of passion. Extracting behind-the-scenes details, Rule makes these volatile relationships utterly real, and masterfully re-creates the ill-fated chains of events in such cases as the ex-Marine and martial arts master who seduced vulnerable women and then destroyed their lives...the killer whose calling card was a single bloodred rose...the faithless wife who manipulated and murdered without conscience...the blind date that set the stage for a killer's brutality...and more. In every case, the victim -- young and innocent or older and experienced -- unknowingly trusted a stranger with the sociopathic skill to hide their dark motives, until it was too late to escape a web of deadly lies, fatal promises, and homicidal possession.

Immortality Inc.


Author: Robert Sheckley

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1480496723

Category: Fiction

Page: 262

View: 3864

A man wakes up after a fatal car accident—in someone else’s body—in this ahead-of-its-time Hugo Award–nominated classic. Thomas Blaine remembered the car accident that killed him—and then he woke up in the hospital. A nurse told him where he was. “You’d call it being in the future.” A future where bodies are sold to the highest bidder as new homes for the minds of the rich, who are greedy for more life when their own bodies wear out or are damaged. Suddenly, keeping body and soul together has taken on a new, and very sinister, meaning. From the very beginning of his career, Robert Sheckley was recognized by fans, reviewers, and fellow authors as a master storyteller and the wittiest satirist working in the science fiction field. Open Road is proud to republish his acclaimed body of work, with nearly thirty volumes of full-length fiction and short story collections. Rediscover, or discover for the first time, a master of science fiction who, according to the New York Times, was “a precursor to Douglas Adams.”

Catch Me


Author: Lisa Gardner

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781594135958

Category: Fiction

Page: 647

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Approached by a young woman who claims her murder is imminent, detective D. D. Warren hears her chilling story about how all of her close childhood friends have been murdered on the anniversary of the same day and that she is the only one still alive, a case that is complicated by a vigilante shooter. (suspense).

Prince of Bryanae


Author: Jeffrey Getzin

Publisher: Quillon Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 458

View: 2281

Elven soldier Willow serves the human Kingdom of Bryanae in a bid to overcome her traumatic past. Emotionally crippled and driven by her personal demons, she has buried that past so deeply that she has forgotten it altogether … but it hasn't forgotten her. Paralyzed by an inexplicable terror, she watches helplessly as old enemies kidnap the Prince. Considered by most of Bryanae to be a coward and a traitor, Willow decides she must confront her past and plunge into the heart of the enemy empire to rescue the Prince. Aside from the steel blade she wields with lethal expertise, Willow has only dubious allies upon whom to rely—a headstrong private who’s in love with her, an inscrutable winged mage with a hidden agenda, and a dashing but opportunistic captain whom she desires against her better judgment. An army of fanatical warriors stands in her way. Leading them is the mad and seemingly immortal Warlord who has a personal grudge to settle with Willow: one that spans centuries. Willow has devoted her life to discipline and now she must bring that discipline to bear. Pain will not stop her. Fear will not stop her. She will rescue the Prince or die trying. Willow has been honing her combat and weaponry skills for a very long time. It’s time to put those skills to good use. PRINCE OF BRYANAE is an epic fantasy novel filled with intense battles, romance, betrayal, and redemption. “Prince of Bryanae brought me back to that special place I haven’t visited in a long time … where the author’s energy and love for his or her magical vision is pure and fresh. … It’s the world-building that makes Prince of Bryanae truly sing; it’s so obvious that Jeff Getzin has spent years living in this world, learning this world, falling in love with this world and making this world a place where he can share with us so many wonderful adventures” — New York Times Bestselling author R. A. Salvatore

Catch Me (Detective D.D. Warren 6)


Author: Lisa Gardner

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0755388267

Category: Fiction

Page: 347

View: 8013

Detective D.D. Warren returns in the sixth novel in Sunday Times bestseller Lisa Gardner's series. IN FOUR DAYS, SOMEONE IS GOING TO KILL ME BUT THEY HAVE GOT TO CATCH ME FIRST. Karin Slaughter says she is 'an amazing writer'. Have you read Lisa yet? At 8pm on 21st January, twenty-eight-year-old Charlie Grant believes she is going to be murdered and she wants Boston's top homicide detective, D.D. Warren, to handle her death investigation. Confronting D.D. at her latest crime scene, Charlie lays her cards on the table. For each of the last two years, one of her childhood friends has been murdered leaving Charlie as the only one of the three friends to remain alive. But as D.D. delves deeper in to the details of Charlie's case, she begins to question the young woman's story. Because Charlie can now outfight and outrun anyone she meets and D.D.'s instinct is that she's hiding a secret. A secret so explosive that Charlie herself may turn out to be the biggest danger of all...

Savage Guns


Author: William W. Johnstone,J.A. Johnstone

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 0786025875

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 2890

Cotton Pickens made it through fifth grade. That and a tin star were good enough to make him the sheriff in the boomtown of Doubtful, Wyoming. And Doubtful's name is no accident. The saying around town is, If you're a lawman, it's doubtful you'll last a day. Savage Guns Spoiled, brash King Bragg is going to hang for the murder of three men in a barroom. But King's arrogant father--and his beautiful sister--use their powers of persuasion to convince Cotton to look into the shooting. And when Cotton does, he uncovers some disturbing secrets about one Crayfish Ruble, the second biggest rancher in Puma County. Soon, Cotton is surrounded by some people who want to hang King now, some who want to bust him free, and some too busy keeping their stories straight. . . In a town full of fools and sinners, of men bad and downright evil, a gallows is going up and time is running out. And a young, skinny, undereducated lawman named Cotton Pickens is standing up to a savage storm--with only one gun on his side. . .


Remote Psychic Thriller


Author: Eric Drouant

Publisher: Eric Drouant

ISBN: 1492726796

Category: Fiction

Page: 275

View: 9897

New Orleans, 1973The CIA uncovers two young kids with uncanny psychic ability. A renegade agent wants them for his own. When Ronnie Gilmore and Cassie Reynold fight back, things get deadly fast.