Final Appeal

Decision-Making in Canadian Courts of Appeal


Author: Ian Greene

Publisher: James Lorimer & Company

ISBN: 9781550285642

Category: Law

Page: 250

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Tables Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Judicial Discretion and Democracy 2. Personality and the Appellate Judge 3. The Appellate Process 4. The Process of Collegial Decision-making 5. Cour d'Appel du Quebec 6. The Supreme Court of Canada 7. The Judicial Decision: Reasons and Citations 8. The Performance of Canadian Appellate Courts 9. The Courts and Democracy 10. The Human Elements of Judicial Decision-making Appendix Notes References Index

Final Appeal

Anatomy of a Frame


Author: Colin Thatcher

Publisher: ECW/ORIM

ISBN: 1554905478

Category: True Crime

Page: 390

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The Canadian politician who was convicted of murder tells his story—and argues for his innocence. In 1984, Colin Thatcher was convicted of killing his ex-wife and sentenced to life in prison. The murder and trial provoked a national media frenzy, casting the once-prominent Saskatchewan politician as the villain. After serving twenty-two years, Thatcher was released and finally able to offer his own account of what happened from the time of the murder up until he left prison. Though firmly proclaiming his innocence from the start, he is now able to go behind the bureaucratic red tape and provide full disclosure, including evidence not seen at the trial, legal documents, and personal correspondence, ultimately questioning the public’s faith in local law enforcement, mainstream media, and justice.

Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal

The Development of the Law in China's Hong Kong


Author: Simon N. M. Young,Yash Ghai

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107011213

Category: Law

Page: 735

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This book is primarily about how a former British colony, now a part of China, established its own final court (to replace the Privy Council), and how that court under a new constitutional order developed the law in Hong Kong in its first thirteen years, under the leadership of its first Chief Justice, Andrew Li. In doing so we look broadly at the question of whether the court has acted justly and delivered justice to the litigants. The first part of the book provides a broader context to view at these issues. So there are chapters describing the context of China and autonomy, followed by a chapter on the Macau Court. But these chapters only serve to provide a kind of foil from which to see and understand the Hong Kong Court.

Final Appeal


Author: Lisa Scottoline

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061743593

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 1992

Grace Rossi is starting over after a divorce, and a part-time job with a federal appeals court sounds perfect. But she doesn't count on being assigned to an explosive death penalty appeal. Nor does she expect ardor in the court in the form of an affair with the chief judge. Then Grace finds herself investigating a murder, unearthing a secret bank account and following a trail of bribery and judicial corruption that's stumped even the FBI. In no time at all, Grace under fire takes on a whole new meaning.