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The God I Never Knew

Autor: Robert Morris
Publisher: WaterBrook
ISBN: 0307729710
File Size: 14,79 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Who is the Holy Spirit, and exactly what does He do? Many people find the Holy Spirit mysterious, confounding—even controversial. Why is the third person in the Godhead—the one Jesus said would be the believer’s ultimate source of truth and comfort—the source of such confusion? In The God I Never Knew, Robert Morris clearly explains that the Holy Spirit’s chief desire is for relationship--to offer us the encouragement and guidance of a trusted friend. This insightful and biblically-based book moves beyond theological jargon, religious tradition, and cultural misconceptions to clarify what the Holy Spirit promises to do in your life: · Dwell within you · Be your helper · Guide you into all truth · Comfort you · Pray for you · Show you things to come · Never leave you It’s time to experience the Holy Spirit in a fresh, new way—to meet the God you may have never known. Includes a small group study guide! From the Hardcover edition.

The God We Never Knew

Autor: Marcus J. Borg
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061972878
File Size: 15,70 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 7490
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How to have faith—or even think about God—without having to stifle modern rational thought is one of the most vital challenges facing many of us today. Marcus J. Borg, author of the bestselling Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, traces his personal spiritual journey to the discovery of an authentic yet fully contemporary understanding of God. In a compelling, readable way, he leads us from the distant, authoritarian God of our childhood to an equally powerful, dynamic adult image of God—"the beyond in our midst," the life spirit that is within us and all around us—that reconciles faith with science, history, critical thinking, and religious pluralism.

Lord I Never Knew This

Autor: Paulette Murphy
ISBN: 1300383151
File Size: 10,58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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We have always been told that we should share the Gospel with others, because we are God's ambassadors for the Kingdom. But when we stop and think about it, although it is simple, it's often difficult to know where to begin when sharing it with someone. Jesus started His earthly ministry with twelve ordinary men who were mostly religious outsiders. He was confident that they could be used by Him, so why couldn't Paulette be used also. This gave the words "Follow Me" spoken by Jesus, a whole different meaning about her relationship with God. Paulette realized that God wanted a personal relationship with her or anyone else that would come to Him. she now knows that we don't have to be perfect, just willing. This book will be of benefit to anyone who wants a simple understanding about things they never knew about God.

The God They Never Knew The Tragedy Of Religion Without Relationship Revised Edition

Autor: George Otis Jr.
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1257141570
File Size: 19,98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The God They Never Knew is about knowing God and having a relationship with him. From chapter one: "Who are the deceivers and why are they deceivers? The deceivers are a coalition of the religiously affiliated who know quite a lot about God but fail to relate to Him on a personal basis. They include faithful churchmen, Bible school and seminary graduates, fundamentalists and evangelicals. They are the people who are incredibly active doing good works under the banner of Jesus Christ, but who have never slowed down enough to get to know the One they think they are serving. Carnal theological professors, whose hearts may mutter in secret, "God has a wonderful plan for my life," have failed to realize that Christianity, in its naked essence, is nothing less than a relationship. Whatever else may issue forth from the Christian life must be rooted in that sublime relationship-God with the soul."

Grace I Never Knew

Autor: Terry M. Southers
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1606470388
File Size: 16,67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 9517
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Have you ever wondered why tragic things happen to good people? On May 1, 2005, the lives of Terry and Stephanie Southers were changed forever. An automobile accident took the lives of their twenty-seven year old daughter and their three-year-old granddaughter. This book tells of their trauma, the emotions they experienced through their ordeal, and, ultimately, the grace that carried them through when they didn't think they could survive. Their story proves all of God's promises to be true, that even in our darkest hours, He will never leave us nor forsake us. God's grace is never wasted; it is only given when necessary. In experiencing the grace necessary to get through the days following the accident, Terry and Stephanie have come to discover God as they never knew before. Their desire is to share this story about the "Grace I Never Knew." Terry Southers is an ordained Free Will Baptist minister. He attends the Canaan Land Free Will Baptist Church in Grove City, OH. Terry's Christian ministries have included adult Sunday School teacher, Master's Men's chaplain, and Care Council Director, as well as minister of God's Word. Terry served as the Executive Secretary of the Franklin Conference of Free Will Baptists from 2005-2007. Terry and his wife, Stephanie, have been married for thirty-one years and have one child, Kristy (deceased), and four grandchildren, Gabriel (age 9), Terryann (age 8), Danielle (deceased), and Aaryn (age 3). Terry and Stephanie have committed their lives to the work of the Lord and are anxiously awaiting God's directions for their next move.

The Jesus I Never Knew

Autor: Philip Yancey
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310295815
File Size: 10,14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1553
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“There is no writer in the evangelical world that I admire and appreciate more.”Billy GrahamPhilip Yancey helps reveal what two thousand years of history covered upWhat happens when a respected Christian journalist decides to put his preconceptions aside and take a long look at the Jesus described in the Gospels? How does the Jesus of the New Testament compare to the “new, rediscovered” Jesus—or even the Jesus we think we know so well? Philip Yancey offers a new and different perspective on the life of Christ and his work—his teachings, his miracles, his death and resurrection—and ultimately, who he was and why he came. From the manger in Bethlehem to the cross in Jerusalem, Yancey presents a complex character who generates questions as well as answers; a disturbing and exhilarating Jesus who wants to radically transform your life and stretch your faith.The Jesus I Never Knew uncovers a Jesus who is brilliant, creative, challenging, fearless, compassionate, unpredictable, and ultimately satisfying. “No one who meets Jesus ever stays the same,” says Yancey. “Jesus has rocked my own preconceptions and has made me ask hard questions about why those of us who bear his name don’t do a better job of following him.”

The Jesus You Never Knew

Autor: Dr. Henry DePetro
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479722715
File Size: 19,56 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 462
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In the hearts of all mankind, of whatever race or station in life, there -. are inexpressible longings for something they do not now possess. This longing is implanted in the very constitution of man by a merciful God, that man may not be satisfied with his present conditions or attainments, whether bad, or good, or better. God desires that the human shallseek the best, and find it to the eternal blessing of his soul. Satan, by wily scheme and craft, has perverted these longings of the human heart. He makes men believe that this desire may be satisfied by pleasure, by wealth, by-ease, by fame, by power; but those who have been thus deceived by him (and they number myriads) find all these things pall upon the sense, leaving the soul as barren and unsatisfied as before. It is God's design that this longing of the human heart should lead to the One, who alone is able to satisfy it. The desire is of Him that it may lead to Him, the fullness and fulfillment of that desire. That fullness is found in Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Eternal God. "Forit was the good pleasure of the Father that in Him should all the fullness dwell;" "for in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily." And it is also true that "in Him ye are made full" with respect to every desire divinely implanted and normally followed. Haggai calls Him "the Desire of all nations," and we may well call Him "the Desire of all ages," even as He is "the King of ages." It is the purpose of this book to set forth Jesus Christ as the One in whom every longing may be satisfied. There is many a "Life of Christ" written, excellent, books, large funds of information, elaborate 'essays on chronology and contemporaneous history, customs, and events, with much of the teaching and many glimpses of the many-sided life of Jesus of Nazareth. Yet it may be truly.said, "The half has never been told." It is not, however, the purpose of this work to set forth a harmony of the Gospels, or even to give in stricdy chronological order the important events and wonderful Iessons of the life of Christ; its purpose is to present the love of God as revealed in His Son, the divine beauty of life of Christ, of which a1l may partake,and not to satisfy the desires of the .merely curious nor the questionings of critics. But even as . the attraetl.on of His own goodness of character Jesus drew His disciples unto himself, and his personal presence by His sympathetic touch and feeling in all their infirmities and needs, and by his constantassocaition, transformed their characters from the erathly to the heavenly, from the selfish to the sacrificing, from the small hearted ignorance and prejudice to largehearted knowledge and profound love for soulsof all nations and races, even so it is the purpose of this book so to presentthe blessed Redeemer as to helpthe readerto come to Him face to face, herat to heart, and find in Him even as did the diciples of old, Jesus the Mighty One, who saves "ot the uttermost," and transforms to HIs own divine image all of those who come unto God by Him. Yet how impossibleit is to revealHis life! It is like attemptingto putupos canvas the livingrainbow; into charaters of black and white the sweetest music.

Signs Of The Times And End Of The Age

Autor: Maisie Edwards
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1452014256
File Size: 19,33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1785
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The book is about the second coming of Christ; and the importance for everyone to be ready to meet their God. The book contains a compelling and inspirational message for all people how to be save, and prepare to receive eternal life. This is a must read for everyone to know how to get ready for this life changing event; if you are expecting heaven to be your final home when Christ returns. It is not His will that any should perish. Learn how you can be absolutely sure that you are ready to meet Him. Helpful Scripture verses are provided for further reading to identify truths. Your new life begins with this most compelling information how to prepare for this life changing event. Read it for yourself and see; your will be divinely bless; knowing that you are on the life path that your heavenly Father destine for you.

The Forgotten Jesus And The Trinity You Never Knew

Autor: Damon W.K. So
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 160899631X
File Size: 13,41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 2604
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This book presents a dynamic picture of Jesus and relates this picture to Jesus' fundamental and underlying relationship with his Father through the Holy Spirit. The concrete expression of that relationship in Jesus' life, ministry, death, and resurrection is presented in a unified manner, avoiding the pitfall of majoring on only one of these aspects. This holistic and dynamic picture of Jesus in intimate fellowship with his Father through the Spirit gives the readers a valuable glimpse into the mystery of the Trinity and invites them to reflect on what it means to follow Jesus as individuals and as communities in the context of the twenty-first century with its many challenges.