The Perfect Witness

A Novel


Author: Iris Johansen

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1250020069

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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A New York Times bestseller from Iris Johansen, author of the Eve Duncan novels. She had the perfect life. She had the perfect cover. She was the perfect witness. Until they found her. When Teresa Casali was young she discovered she had a strange gift: the ability to read people's memories. But the gift seemed more like a curse as her mob boss father used her to gain the upper hand in his world of corruption and violence. Exposed by her own family to the darkest impulses of mankind, Teresa is alone and unprotected. She realizes that if she is to survive, she has to run. Out of nowhere, or so she believes, a man by the name of Andre Mandak appears. He kills her pursuers—but that's not nearly enough for Teresa to trust him. It is his promise to get her into Witness Protection, along with his mind-blowing ability to help her control her gift before it consumes her, that convinces Teresa Casali to become Allie Girard. Living a normal life with a new family, she shuts the door to the past ...although Mandak is clear: when the time is right, he too will benefit from her powers. For years Allie flourishes ...until the day her cover is blown and the truth comes tumbling out. Once again she is on the run, with her own life and those of her loved ones at stake. But this time she will not be a pawn. This time she will use her finely honed gift to end the threat that began with her family's betrayal. From perfect target to perfect witness, Allie Girard is ready to take on the past even if it kills her.

The Perfect Witness


Author: Barry Siegel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780345430847

Category: Fiction

Page: 339

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In a legal thriller--the object of rave reviews in the nation's newspapers--a virtuous California lawyer matches wits with an astonishingly duplicitous woman as he tries to help his former partner beat a murder rap. Reprint.

The Perfect Witness


Author: Sue Raymond


ISBN: 9781435747029


Page: 352

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Su Michael Anderson grew up in Mount St. Joseph's convent a toddler of questionable parentage. She is exceptionally intelligent becoming a accomplished artist, composer, with her own designer fashion studio and CEO of the non profit org. 'Cup of Water'. All this comes crashing down while witnessing a murder by a cartel boss. She and her family of adopted children are placed in the Witness Protection Program under guardianship of Jean DeBois and his elite team of US Marshals. Their first hurdle is where to place them while waiting to testify before the Grand Jury. Their Carefully planned scenario unravels starting with the wacko prophecy by the nun who is the nanny. Jean has his hands full while being distracted by falling in love with Su.

Perfect Witness


Author: Richard Cody

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1441582401

Category: Fiction

Page: 225

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"Why shouldn't those Baltic provinces stew in their own juice for a while?" says Stalin, not long before dying in offi ce. The President of the Baltic Peoples Republic, Marshal Jurgis Tievas, after an ill-fated visit to socialist Britain, returns to Gdainys to fi nd himself besieged by domestic enemies. Nor is he comforted by being an impostor, the double of the Marshal who was inadvertently killed in Britain. Seven of his entourage know his secret. Now his beloved niece Valija invites two of their British friends, Elizabeth Templeton and Michael Brenan, to stay who may or may not know the secret.

The Biblical Truth about America's Death Penalty


Author: Dale S. Recinella

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9781555536336

Category: Religion

Page: 433

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While secular support for capital punishment in America seems to be waning, religious conservatives, particularly in the "Bible belt," remain staunch advocates of the death penalty, citing biblical law and practice to defend government-sanctioned killing. Dale S. Recinella compares biblical teaching about the death penalty, including such passages as "eye for eye, tooth for tooth, life for life," with the nation's current system of capital punishment, and offers persuasive arguments for a faith-based moratorium on -- and eventual abolition of -- executions. Framing his careful and incisive analysis as a legal brief to those who believe the Bible mandates the ultimate punishment, the author addresses two critical areas of inquiry: what do the scriptures tell us about who is deserving of death and who has the authority to kill, and what do they tell us about the required standards for execution and the plight of victims' families. Recinella's examination of the Hebrew Torah, or Christian Pentateuch, and the Talmud reveals that the biblical death penalty was not a simple system of swift retribution, but a complex and practical set of laws that guided capital courts established under the Sanhedrin. His scrutiny of these texts, the Christian doctrine of atonement, and Romans 13 in the Pauline Epistles, draws parallels between the traditional biblical arguments used in favor of capital punishment and those used as the basis for pro-slavery positions in the nineteenth century. Demonstrating that both approaches are unsubstantiated in biblical terms, Recinella debunks the accepted religious reasoning for support of the death penalty and shows instead that the Bible's strict conditions for sanctioning execution are at odds with the arbitrary ways in which capital punishment is administered in the United States. He provides convincing evidence that a sentence of death in today's criminal justice system in fact fails to meet both the Bible's exacting procedural requirements and its strict limitations on judicial authority. By providing actual scriptural language and foundation to counter the position that biblical truth justifies a pro-death penalty stance, this thoughtful, solidly researched, and well-reasoned work will give pause to religious fundamentalists and challenge them to rethink their strongly held views on capital punishment.

After Words

Suicide and Authorship in Twentieth-century Italy


Author: Elizabeth Leake

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802092799

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 250

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After Words investigates how the suicide of an author informs critical interpretations of the author's works. Suicide itself is a form of authorship as well as a revision, both on the part of the author, who has written his or her final scene and revised the `natural' course of his or her life, and on the part of the reader, who must make sense of this final act of writing. Elizabeth Leake focuses on twentieth-century Italian writers Guido Mor-selli, Amelia Rosselli, Cesare Pavese, and Primo Levi, examining personal correspondence, diaries, and obituaries along with popular and academic commemorative writings to elucidate the ramifications of the authors' suicides for their readership. She argues that authorial suicide points to the limitations of those critical stances that exclude the author from the practice of reading. In this innovative and accessible assessment of some of the key issues of authorship, Leake shows that in the aftermath of suicide, an author's life and death themselves become texts to be read.

The Abode of Snow

Observations on a Journey from Chinese Tibet to the Indian Caucasus, Through the Upper Valleys of the Himalaya


Author: Andrew Wilson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Himalaya Mountains

Page: 440

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